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What are the benefits of team training?

Change can be a hard uncomfortable process, that’s why it’s so important to cultivate an environment with a supportive group of people. Team training helps hold you accountable, increases adherence and productivity, and helps you look forward to your weekly workouts while still getting that personal attention from your coach. 

What is the cost of team training?

We understand that everyone has different goals and budgets. After you meet for your consultation, we will walk you through all of our program options to find the best option for you.

How do I schedule my sessions?

You will have access to our scheduling app where you will conveniently be able to schedule or reschedule a session in advance. 

What should I bring to my session?

We recommend dressing in comfortable clothing to move in, bringing a water and small towel if desired. You are welcome to bring your own mat, but we will also provide them. 

What kind of nutritional guidance will I get?

Proper nutrition provides the fuel we need to support our workouts and help with recovery, but the key to changing the way you eat isn’t about having more discipline or finding motivation, its about mastering control of your mind, and understanding how the process of change works. 

When you work with a coach, it holds you to a higher standard. We help you create awareness, stay consistent and find sustainable systems, understand energy balance, and bridge the gap between quality and quantity for long lasting results!

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"Do not let what you cannot do, interfere with what you can do."


- John Wooden

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