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Anchor Team Training


Anchor Team Training

Each Team Training session includes a 45-minute full-body workout, focused on building muscle and improving strength, stability, mobility, balance, endurance, and cardiovascular health. 


Your workouts are done in a circuit style fashion, focusing on 5-7 exercises at a time, with proper stretching before and after. 

Full body workouts have many benefits including:


  • Maximizing efficiency

  • Allowing for more recovery and potential increased results.

  • Helps Increase lean muscle mass by focusing on multi joint exercises. Building lean muscle mass can have a positive effect on your metabolism!

  • Allows for a lower time commitment 

  • Maximizes your calories burned 


How does Team Training work?

  1. Discuss with your coach at your consultation how many days a week you can commit to Team Training.

  2. Book your sessions in our scheduling app and choose the best days and times that work for you. Our sessions are by appointment, providing flexibility to meet your schedule!

  3. Arrive at your scheduled time to allow your coach time to demo your warm up and exercises and show you proper form and tempo so you can stay safe. 

  4. Your coach will give you guidance on how many sets and reps to perform each session. We also track your progress so we can watch you grow!

  5. Be consistent…See results!

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Accountability & Motivation

Benefits of Team Training 

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We understand that everyone has different goals and abilities, so you won’t necessarily be doing the same exercises that everyone else is doing. We start programming your workouts where you are now! 

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​Better Results! 


"Let the power of the group move you.”


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