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Virtual Team Training 

Our Virtual Team Training option is easy and convenient and gives you the option to work out wherever you want. 


If you’re someone who isn't ready to take the step to come into our studio, Virtual Team Training is the perfect place to start! 


How does it work?


  • At your virtual consultation, you and your coach will discuss how many days a week you can commit to Training. 


  • We would recommend a few staple pieces of equipment for your home. 


  • Book your sessions in our scheduling app each week and choose the best days and times that work for you. Our sessions are by appointment, providing flexibility to meet your schedule!


  • We send you a link via Zoom, you sign on, and we get moving! 


Each Virtual Team Training session includes a 45 minute full body workout, focused on:


  • Building muscle

  • Improving strength, stability, mobility and balance

  • Improving endurance and overall stamina 

  • Improving cardiovascular health


Your workouts are done in a circuit style fashion, focusing on 5-7 exercises at a time, with proper stretching before and after. 


We understand that everyone has different goals and abilities, so you won’t necessarily be doing the same exercises that everyone else is doing. We start your programming where you are now! 


Work out at home, on your lunch break, on a business trip, even on vacation! 

virtual training session
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“A little progress each day, adds up to BIG results.”


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